Deli Cube Cutter

    The DCM Series size-reduces pre-cut cheese loaves from 14 - 28" (36 - 72 cm) in length to small deli cubes for retail packaging. The product is loaded onto the roller conveyor either manually or by integrating a pre-cutter. Feed belts then index the loaves to the 1st stage cutting harp, which consists of horizontal and vertical wires, to give the cross-section diameter. The cut length, along with the indexing speed is fully adjustable from the panel view.

  1. Available in single (DCM2500) or dual (DCM5000) lane systems
  2. Capacity: up to 6,000 lbs/hr (3,000 kgs)
  3. Finished product size: 7/16" - 1/2" - 5/8" - or 3/4" cubes (1 - 2 cm)
  4. Quick-change harps for different product sizes
  5. Full washdown and easily removable harps and belts for full sanitation