MS20 Cheese Cubing Machine

MS20 Cheese Cubing Machine

Automatically size reduces cheese blocks or off-cuts into cubes and feeds them directly into a shredding machine.  By integrating the MS20 Cuber with a shredder, it allows for a low cost solution that requires minimal floor space.  The system can operate up to 2,000 lbs. per hour. (1,000kgs)


  • Highly versatile - machine capable of cutting 40 lb.(20kg) blocks, 5 lb. (2.5kg) loaves, or off-cuts (trim)
  • Consistent cube feed to shredder improves production
  • Sanitary design using all stainless steel construction & food grade plastic materials
  • Integrated pneumatic safety interlocks on all removable guards
  • Portable, extremely compact design requires minimal floor space


  • Adjustable product infeed roller table accomodates cheese blocks & off-cuts (trim)
  • Swing-away 2nd stage guard for easy access to product discharge area
  • Quick change 1st & 2nd stage harps & pushers for different cube sizes
  • Shredder discharge can be configured with collection tote or transfer conveyor
  • Double-operated palm button to ensure operator safety

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