Supply Chain Management

Our partners provide electronic manufacturing, testing, designing, transportation, logistics and other services.  With this breadth of supply and critical fabrication partners, managing supplier relationships is a complex, demanding and ongoing process.

World Class Supply Chain

Marchant Schmidt, Inc. believes that a world-class supply chain allows us to offer our customers world-class products and services. We select suppliers whose standards align with our values, particularly with regard to business integrity. We conduct quarterly business reviews of our suppliers' business activities, financial stability, engineering practices and quality procedures. When necessary, we request third-party audits of a supplier's business operations to assess its adherence to each point of our Supplier Quality Program. Despite a business model that is heavy on outsourcing, Marchant Schmidt's supply chain management structure gives us significant control over our supply chain, helping to ensure that deliverables meet our cost, quality and delivery expectations.

Supplier Assessment Program Overview

How many times were your shipments held up or delayed because of the poor or unstable quality of your subcontracted parts? How many times did your Lean Manufacturing process have to be stopped because your suppliers could not ship subcontracted parts on time or the parts did not meet the quality standards that you required? How many times did you have to increase your incoming inspection staff in order to ensure the quality of your subcontracted parts?

You are not alone! In today's competitive and fast-changing business environment, these problems are common. The most popular solution is to establish a supplier assessment program to ensure the quality of the outsourced parts. Unfortunately, this solution often fails because businesses only focus on auditing paperwork ands fail to help the suppliers establish pragmatic quality systems.

Marchant Schmidt's Supplier Assessment Program

Different from a traditional supplier assessment program, MSI's Supplier Assessment Program concentrates on establishing quick response channels and building up long-term mutual trust relationships between you and your suppliers.

There are five phases in MSI's Supplier Assessment Program:

  • Phase one- establish fast feedback and response to handle non-conforming material.
  • Phase two - establish quality system standards, so no misunderstanding or disagreement will exist between MSI and the supplier regarding your quality requirements.
  • Phase three - train your auditors and suppliers how to apply the quality standards set up in Phase two.
  • Phase four - audit suppliers and then rate suppliers accordingly.
  • Phase five - implement corrective action and make plans for continuous improvement.

Become a Supplier

If you're interested in supplying Marchant Schmidt, it is important you understand how we operate. It will also help to understand what we look for from our suppliers.

Our policies are straightforward. Everything we do must be economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound. We expect the same of our suppliers and their supply chains.

Supplier Assessment Process

We have devised a simple supplier assessment form to guide you through the process. It will give you the opportunity to tell us about your business operations and your products as you respond to a variety of issues that fall under the following key categories:

  • Financial Stability
  • Quality products (USDA, 3A, FDA)
  • Established Quality Program
  • Accurate information and responsive customer service

As Marchant Schmidt continues to expand its product portfolio and global marketing, sales, and support infrastructure, a strong supply chain is becoming increasingly critical to our ongoing success. As a result, our company is committed to developing partnerships with best-in-class suppliers from machining and assembly service providers to supply and manufacturing distributors and transportation companies. Marchant Schmidt is open to sharing information and processes as a means to best leverage each supplier relationship and bring world-class products to customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

If you're a supplier interested in doing business with Marchant Schmidt, we encourage you to use the tools and information on this website to assess the potential for a mutually beneficial business relationship. We select suppliers to support localized business units or to provide global service for multiple business units, offices and manufacturing facilities.

Purchase Terms & Conditions

All Purchase orders placed with Marchant Schmidt are subject to these specific terms and conditions.

Supplier Quality Program