Food Canning Industry Oils & Greases

JAX has the most extensive list in the industry of machinery-specific lubrication solutions for food canning plants. JAX has a full range of products that include synthetic and high-performance NSF H1 food-grade greases and lubricating oils.
JAX Lubricants for food canning operations are formulated to handle the high-speed and high-temperature conditions typically associated with cookers, coolers, seamers, fillers and closers. JAX lubricants also protect against water washout and product contamination.
Antiwear protection for Sterilmatics®, seamers, fillers and closers, JAX Halo-Guard FG, Magna-Plate 44 and Magna-Plate 78/78E lubricants contain Micronox®, the first effective anti-microbial additive for protecting food-grade lubricants in canning plants worldwide.