Intelligent Cheese Cutting Systems

Optimized Yield with Low Giveaway

It’s important to consider your entire converting operation when selecting an intelligent cheese cutting system. Our automated solutions offer optimal yield and low giveaway. Careful review of your application will help define the value of giveaway versus yield. Other factors contribute to this selection such as the availability of a shredding or grading operation and the flavor profile of the cheese being produced.

3D Scanning for Ideal Cut Solution

More data produces better results. Our intelligent cutting systems use 3D camera technology to visually scan the entire exterior surface of the cheese loaf. This data is critical for producing the ideal cut solution. Changes in the shape or size of the cheese loaf are compensated at the guillotine when exact weight portion cutting.

intelligent cheese cutting systems

Better Control of the Product

Precise cut solutions are worthless if you can’t physically make the cut in the correct position. Loaf movement and cheese compression are major challenges to accurate weight control. Marchant Schmidt’s advanced product hold down design ensures the cheese loaf is positioned accurately when each cut is made. This results in more consistent fixed weight chunk production.

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