Loaf and Portion Cutting

Versatile, Portable, Simple to Operate

Flexibility is key to many cheese converting applications. Our line of EC cutters are simple to set up and operate. More importantly, an operator can quickly change from one cut size to another in a matter of minutes. This is ideal when you need to produce a variety of cheese loaves, sticks, bars, chunks and portions. Robust portable construction makes many of these machines easy to move in an out of production as needed.

Consistent Loaf Cutting

Cheese blocks are irregular, and their dimensions vary drastically. Common fixed wire cutting machines produce irregular sticks or create a significant amount of trim. Our unique machine design automatically centralizes the cheese block and adjusts the horizontal wire to create loaves with similar dimensions. Consistent loaves result in better weight control and more consistent appearance in the finished package.

Easy to Clean

Marchant Schmidt is well known for ultra-hygienic machinery. Making equipment that is easy to clean is just as important as one that meets sanitary specifications. Whether your sanitation process is daily or weekly, you will disassemble and wash the machinery thousands of times over its life. Our designs save cleaning time and expose all critical areas. This gives our customers the best opportunity for a clean process and reduces risk of contamination.