Shredding and Grating

Best Looking Cut

Marchant Schmidt industrial cheese shredder and industrial cheese grater systems make the best-looking product. Our converting method produces beautiful long consistent cheese shreds with minimal fines or balling. Especially in retail applications, customers perceive better looking shred as higher quality cheese. As a result, customers gladly pay a premium price per package which increases profitability for the cheese converter and for the retailer.

Minimal Floor Loss

No one likes cheese on the floor because it is a complete loss. With hundreds of successful shredding, dicing, and grating applications operating around the world, we know how to contain product and prevent floor loss. Our engineers have invested countless hours innovating designs that get your cheese into the package and keep it off the floor.

powder control equipment used in cheese manufacturing

Critical Powder Control

Today’s cheese consumer will not tolerate excessive or inconsistent powder application. Flow agents like cellulose and potato starch are critical to efficient automated packaging, but customers are expecting tighter control. Marchant Schmidt offers the most advanced powder delivery system in the world. Our method of measurement and powder dispensing produces a consistent application percentage for a high quality finished product. Critical control of the powder ratio meets government regulations and ensures compliance with supermarket contracts.