Snack Cheese Cutting

snack cheese cutting

Quality – Clean – Rectangular Cuts

Most cutting technologies produce misshaped snack cheese cuts. Marchant Schmidt has focused our attention on the production of high-quality snack cheese cutting. Consumers often perceive clean rectangular cut product as more valuable and are willing to pay a premium price in the supermarket. Our unique approach to this machinery delivers high speed, quality cheese snacks in a rapidly growing market.

snack cheese cutting

Exceptional Yield

As consumers demand more options in healthy snacks, converters are introducing new complex cheese flavors. This cheese is higher value and less likely to be added to the off-cut or trim process. Our snack cheese cutting systems produce exceptional yield so that most of the cheese block makes its way into saleable packages.

snack cheese cutting

Fully Automatic Systems

Our systems begin with a cheddar block, euroblock, or even a 640. Automation can be used to eliminate most of the labor from the line making your product more competitive. Robotics and multihead weighers fill packages exceptionally fast and efficiently.