Hygienic Automation

hygienic food converting machinery

Process Automation Meets Robotics

Hygienic automation is the point where process automation and robotics meet. In a high-care food manufacturing environment, attention to hygiene is critical. Marchant Schmidt is uniquely capable of implementing ultra-hygienic robotics with an emphasis on process automation. Our strong engineering focus and deep talent reserves make us a leader in hygienic automation.

hygienic food converting machinery

Most Hygienic Machine Design

Many suppliers have the skills to integrate robotics. Marchant Schmidt is special with more than 50 years of experience designing ultra-hygienic equipment. Much of this experience has been in the critical ready to eat cheese converting area where USDA dairy requirements drive design specifications. Your application may not require government approval but mitigating risk with a highly sanitary design is smart for your business.

Process Improvement Through Manufacturing Consistency

Generally speaking, automation removes variables from your manufacturing process. Safely and hygienically applying robotics and process automation to food manufacturing has been a challenge. Taking a careful approach with direct food contact automation we will help you improve your process, increase your speed and produce more consistent high-quality products.