Industrial Washing Systems for Food Industry

industrial tray washing machine used in food processing

Consistently Clean

Investing in a Marchant Schmidt industrial washing system ensures your production is consistently clean. No more worries about dirty product from operator carelessness. Staff turnover and constant re-training will be a thing of the past. Each product through our washer will be effectively washed with the same results every time.

row of meters that help control industrial washing systems used in food processing equipment

Reduced Water, Chemicals and Utilities

Water is precious and chemicals are expensive. It may come as a surprise to many people, but industrial washing machines waste far less water and consume fewer chemicals than washing by hand. Additionally, utility usage is considerably lower which leads to a much lower cost of operation.

heavy duty industrial washing machine for food processing

Robust – Industrial – Stainless

Marchant Schmidt washing systems are truly industrial. We build our machinery with thick stainless steel, robust design, and rugged construction. Our customers appreciate the durability and respect the advantages when compared to typical commercial grade machinery. Our washers are built to last through the rigorous demands of your application.