Collection Conveyors

  • collection conveyor used in cheese manufacturing

Shredded or diced cheese is deposited on the low end of the MS2000 Collection Conveyor. The product is conveyed up and into the mixing drum. The conveyor uses a continuous urethane belt that is scraped with two different methods to prevent build-up. The cantilevered design and pneumatic belt take-up gives sanitation staff the ability to clean around the belt or completely remove the belt for thorough cleaning. Collection chutes with urethane skirts, collection totes and pans prevent floor loss. Continuous catch pans with vibrators assist in catching the product and reintroducing it back into production.

  • Cantilevered construction for belt removal
  • Continuous urethane belt for best hygiene
  • Removable covers for dust containment
  • Product containment eliminates floor loss

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