Scale Bucket Washer

  • scale bucket washer, scale bucket wash station
  • scale bucket washer, scale bucket wash station
  • scale bucket washer, scale bucket wash station
  • scale bucket washer, scale bucket wash station

A fully programmable batch style washer that is used to clean and sanitize multi-head radial weigh scale buckets and pans. The machine will accommodate multiple sizes and quantities of scale components. The components are held in position with custom-designed mounting racks that are mobile via rollers and transported by hand to and from a cart. This cart can be moved to the scale location for easy loading. The wash cycles are fully programmable. Pre-wash, wash, rinse, and sanitizer are a few of the functions. Each function can be controlled with time, temperature, and the addition of accurately dispensed chemicals. All of which are programmed in basic recipes from the HMI. Contact Marchant Schmidt for a quote on a scale bucket wash station designed for the food processing industry.

  • Internal Rack Roller Supports and Guides
  • Fully Functional HMI Controller
  • Oscillating Travel-Jet Wash System
  • Plastic V-Jet Easy Removable Nozzles
  • Dual Safety Access Door Latch/Lock
  • Single Use Wash Water Tank

Cycle Rate: 20 – 25 minute average

Heating Method: Electric standard; Steam and gas optional

Electrical: 440 – 575 VAC  /  90FLA

Wash Dosing Pump: (2) Timed peristaltic dosing units

Rinse Cycle Temp: Up to 70 degrees C / 160 degrees F

Recirculated Water Filters: 1.0 and 1.5mm perforated drawer style debris filters

Wash Pump: (1) 5.5 kw / 7.5 hp with primary inlet filter

Utility: Water inlet = 25mm @ 2 – 3 bar / 1″ BSP connection @ 30 – 45 psi

Wash Tank Capacity: 100 liter / 36 gallon

Wash Water Temp Range: 40 – 60 degrees C  / 104 – 140 degrees F

Water Consumption: 30 l/hr  / 100 gal/hr

Max Product Capacity: Up to 42 parts (Can accommodate additional parts from smaller scales)

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