High Volume Gang Cutting

  • high volume gang cutting specialty food cutting equipment
  • high speed loaf cake cutting
  • high speed loaf cake cutting

The GC12 is a specialty cutting system that produces an exceptionally high volume of loaf cake portions.  Using ultrasonic technology, our system cleanly cuts through frosting, nuts, chocolate, and caramel without buildup on the blade.  We leverage advanced process automation and staging of product to achieve such high rates of production.  Discharge options include continuous shingle presentation, individual flat, and shingle sets.  An optional gapping conveyor ensures downstream automation receives a continuous flow of product to maximize production.

  • Cleaner & more consistent cuts
  • Adaptable to existing equipment
  • Non-smearing cut surface
  • Wider cutting temperature range
  • Reduced down time for sanitation or changeover
  • Reduced product loss
  • Adapts to various densities & soft toppings
  • Clean cut edges