JAX Magna-Plate 78 Anti-Wear Food Grade Lubricant

  • jax magna-plate 78 anti-wear food grade lubricant

JAX Magna-Plate 78 Anti-Wear Food Grade Lubricant is an NSF H1 registered aerosol food machinery oil with enhanced anti-wear properties. This revolutionary new product is for use in all food industry applications. The cold temperature and high heat capability of this oil make it a perfect replacement for nearly all of your non-fortified food-grade oils and extends the life of costly equipment and drastically reduce downtime. Also available in a trigger spray.


  • Thousands of used in any type of food processing facility
  • Overhead chains, conveyors, can seamers, can lid cams
  • High heat or high-speed bearings
  • Any place where there is a chance of the lubricant having incidental contact with food