Buggy and Bin Washing

  • industrial washing machinery

A single or dual cabinet batch style washing machine. Complete with wash, rinse, and optional sanitizing cycles. A semi-automatic type load and unload washer, using electric mechanical inverted lifting frame device for loading of buggies, bulk totes, and vats into the wash chamber. The operator uses an interface push button station to load and unload the washer from a safe position. This ensures proper tote bin placement and secure door access for cycle operation. The wash is a combination of recirculated hot water plus detergent. The rinse has an ambient mains rinse and allows overflow of rinse water to go back to the wash tank.

  • Variable speed lifting frame drive
  • Dual basket style filter – coarse/fine
  • Exterior Travel-jet wash system
  • Plastic V-jet easily removable nozzles
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Internal rotating spray ball assemblies
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