Continuous Tunnel Washers

  • industrial washing machinery

A single lane continuous washing machine ideally suited for low or intermittent throughputs, or where operational space is minimal. The wash function is a combination of recirculated hot water, plus detergent main wash. The rinse section has an ambient mains water rinse and allows overflow of water to go directly to the drain. These self-contained washers have the flexibility to easily adjust transport speed, wash water temperature and detergent concentration, to allow for better cleaning results based on varying rates and pollution levels. The benefit of a fully contained wash system is the consistency of day in and day out wash effectiveness. Combined with a low-maintenance and versatile wash solution.

  • Digital temperature controller
  • Precisely controlled detergent dosing
  • Rubber steam containment curtains
  • Dual drawer style perforated filters
  • Plastic V-Jet easily removable nozzles
  • Quick access panels with dual safety
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