Rack Washing

  • industrial washing machinery

A batch type, single cabinet rack washing machine. Complete with wash, rinse, and optional sanitizing cycles. A manual load and unload washer with an operator placing the racks into the wash chamber via low level ramp or direct with floor level entry style. The wash cycle is a combination of recirculated hot water and detergent. The rinse solution has an ambient or optional heated mains rinse and allows overflow of water to go back to the wash tank. This self-contained washer has the flexibility to easily adjust wash time, wash water temperature and detergent concentration, to allow for better cleaning results based on varying item size and pollution levels. The benefit of a fully contained wash system is the consistency of day in and day out wash effectiveness. Combined with a low-maintenance and versatile wash solution.

  • Dual header TravelJet wash system
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Dual vertical lift out style filter
  • Plastic V-Jet easily removable nozzles
  • Dual safety access door latch/lock
  • Operator select wash/rinse time interface
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