Sanitizer Tunnel Equipment

  • industrial washing machinery

A continuous single lane sanitizing machine. The machine is designed for transitioning between low and high care production operations. Complete with a recirculated sanitizer solution. A manual type load and unload sanitizer, using a single, thermoplastic belt conveying products through the sanitizing tunnel. The sanitizer is a combination of incoming water mixed with sanitizer and sprayed through a single header with fixed nozzles.

  • Internal product wash support guides
  • Electrically interlocked lift-off canopy
  • Auxiliary tank for pre-temp heating
  • Single mesh tank return inlet filter
  • Plastic V-jet easily removable nozzles
  • Inline venturi-style dosing pump

Cycle Rate:  Up to 100/items/hr

Type of Product Washed:  Crates, Totes, Lids, Pails

Electrical:  220 VAC  15 FLA  /  440 – 575 VAC  10 FLA

Recirculated Water Filter:  Inline coarse wire filter tray

Max Product Capacity:  560 x 510 mm  /  22 x 20″

Utility:  Water inlet – 19mm @ 2.5 – 3 bar  /  .75″ BSP connection # 40 – 45 psi

Wash Tank Capacity:  76 liter / 20 gallon

Sanitizer Pump:  1.1kw with 100 liter recirculation tank  /  1.5hp with 30 gallon recirculation tank

Wash Water Temp:  Ambient

Water Consumption:  8 – 16 liter/hr  /  2 – 4 gallon/hr

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