Industrial Food Cutting Projects

industrial food cutting equipment, industrial food cutting machines

Industrial Food Cutting Machines

An industrial food cutting machine is used to process large quantities of food items as quickly and cleanly as possible. These hygienic, easy-to-clean machines aid in preparing foods by cutting them into desired shapes. These desired shapes are packaged then sent to places such as retail grocery stores, restaurants and fast food restaurants so that they are publicly available.  Food...

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high speed loaf cake cutting

High Speed Loaf Cake Cutting

Our customer asked us to build a high-speed cutting system for iced loaf cakes.  This machine would need to make 900 slices per minute.  It must be capable of cutting iced and frosted cakes as well as some products with inclusions like nuts and chocolate chips. 

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hygienic robotic food loading

Hygienic Robotic Food Loading

Our customer approached us with the challenge of automatically loading a high speed thermoform packaging machine with single-serve cheese sticks.  The upstream converting process could produce 720 portions per minute, but the thermoformer could not be hand loaded at this rate.  The customer was also concerned about the cost justification of the advanced automation required to eliminate 8 people on the line.

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shredding grating non dairy cheese

Shredding and Grating Non-Dairy Cheese

Our customer requested a production line for converting non-dairy cheese into shreds and grated product.  They had a clear goal to produce shredded cheese of high quality that would have a similar appearance to cheese made from milk.  Their product is a vegan alternative to common cheeses like cheddar and parmesan and was cast into blocks with varying height based on their specific recipe. 

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industrial food mixing equipment, precise powder on shredded cheese

Precise Powder on Shredded Cheese

Our customer requested a complete shredded cheese production line that was capable of very precise powder application and consistent cheese blends. The system needed to be fully automatic with consistent powder delivered +/- 0.5% of setpoint to meet their end user’s quality demands.

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