Specialty Food Cutting Equipment

challenging specialty food cutting equipment

Challenging Food Applications

Challenging food applications require specialty food cutting solutions. Foods that are sticky or soft are especially challenging. Delicate baked goods with layers or inclusions are a common application. Frozen prepared meals often need to be divided into portions and extruded pet food can be cut to length at incredibly high speed. Ultrasonic and waterjet cutting technologies are ideal solutions for these applications. Marchant Schmidt’s extensive experience combined with our mastery of process automation has uniquely equipped us as the leader in challenging food cutting applications.

eliminate stickiness specialty food cutting equipment

Eliminate Sticking to the Blade

Sticky foods often build up on unconventional blades. Ultrasonic and waterjet technologies eliminate this build-up allowing you to manufacture your product continuously without a break to clean the blades. Classic examples of this include frosting, chocolate, caramel, and corn syrup. Our team of professionals will help assess your production challenges and determine the best technology for your application.

high speed high volume specialty food cutting equipment

Experts in High Volume Applications

Marchant Schmidt has extensive experience with high volume specialty food cutting. While the cutting technology often operates at relatively slow speed, we have achieved high volume production through clever application of process automation. Staging, accumulation and cutting multiple products simultaneously all contribute to increasing overall production speed. High volume applications require much more than a simple cutting machine.