Steel Cable Joiner Kits and Splice Covers

  • steel cable joiner kits, steel cable splice cover

Making cable repairs in-house is the best insurance against the high cost of unexpected cable failure. Having our Steel Cable Joining and Recoating Kit allows you to be prepared for the inevitable failure and avoid serious disruption to your production schedule.

Each Steel Cable Joiner Kit Includes:

  • Detailed DVD/Instruction Manual
  • Long & short heating frames
  • Long & short cover sleeve molds
  • Aluminum trough and lid
  • 50′ heater extension cord
  • 4 – thermometers
  • Speed handle w/ 1/2″ socket
  • 5 – cable sleeves
  • Utility knife w/blades
  • Mold release spray
  • Cleaning alcohol
  • 2 – Stainless steel splicing picks
  • Hinged cable clamp
  • Vise with support mount
  • Vise grip cable clamp
  • Cable cutters
  • Nylon sleeve applicator