JAX Dry-Glide® Food Grade All Purpose Silicone Spray & Dry-Glide® WB Silicone Spray

  • jax dry-glide® food grade all purpose silicone spray, jax dry-glide® wb silicone spray

Dry-Glide® Food Grade All Purpose Silicone Spray is an NSF H1 registered premium silicone lubricant that is long-lasting and reduces friction, particularly between unlike surfaces or materials. This product is ideal for applications requiring dry and friction-free lubrication.

JAX has also developed an NSF H1 registered, water-based formula for Dry-Glide® that sprays on clear, dries quickly, does not drip, and has virtually no odor while drying called Dry-Glide® WB Silicone Spray. Also available in a trigger spray.


  • Hinges, levers, and cutting blades
  • Zippers, snaps, and sliding mechanisms
  • Bagging operations
  • Wrapping and packaging machinery
  • Protectant for leather, vinyl, and rubber