VCS One Intelligent Portion Cutter

  • intelligent cheese cutting systems

Ideal solution for applications requiring high speed accurate portion cutting of cheese with low giveaway. The single lane VCS One and the dual lane VCS Plus us solid plate construction for mechanical precision. Both systems combine 3D scan with block mass to create a unique cut solution. Special product hold-downs maintain control of the cheese for more accurate cuts. Portion turning, accumulation sections and auto wrapper infeed are some of the options available.

  • Dynamic feedback for low giveaway
  • 3D block scanning for accurate cut solution
  • Servo driven portion stripper
  • Ultra-hygienic design
  • Cantilevered continuous urethane belts for easy removal
  • Robust construction

Portions per Minute:  Up to 120

Weight Control:  Less than 1% giveaway  /  98% on-weight portions

Block Scanning:  Dual camera system

Offweight Reject:  Automatic separation of over & underweight

Accumulation:  Optional module

Electrical:  415 – 575 VAC  /  60 FLA

Precutter Required:  Yes

Nominal Infeed:  Loaves profiled from Cheddar Block, Euroblock or 640 Block

Maximum Cut Width:  280mm  /  11″

Portion Turning:  Automatic prior to packaging

Auto Wrapper Feed:  Optional Module

Pneumatic:  14.15 l/min# 6 bar  /  0.5 CFM @ 90 psi


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