Sanitary Dust Collection

The portable dust collection system is for use in a food production room.  Stainless steel construction makes this suitable for point-of-use in a washdown environment.  The SDC eliminates the need for a large centralized vacuum system that is difficult to clean and maintain.  Two vacuum ports on the SDC support multiple collection points.  Cages with filter socks collect airborne dust as plant air is drawn through the system.  Pressurized air is periodically released into the socks to knock the dust into the collection hopper.  An earth ground strap, pluggable power connection, and locating feet make it easy to move the unit in and out of the production room.

  • Automatic notification of unclean filter bags
  • Purging system to prevent excess build-up
  • All non-tube construction
  • Washdown capable, compact & portable
  • Easy access filter bags - no tools required