Mixing Drums

  • mixing drum used in cheese manufacturing
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A Mixing Drum produces a unique gentle mixing for food products. The large diameter drum permits continuous flow with no restriction. Folded flights roll the product several times without harsh tumbling. This is ideal for delicate product like shredded cheese where preserving the length and shape are important. Dust covers are supplied standard to contain airborne particles and improve adhesion to the product. For safety, an integrated cage prevents injury while permitting spray clean of the exterior. Interchangeable extension spool extends product discharge over the optimal discharge point on the takeaway conveyor. To prevent floor loss, a removable infeed chute guides product from under the infeed conveyor into the drum.

  • Dust covers to contain airborne dust
  • Folded flights gently handle product
  • Integrated safety cage
  • Hygienic design completely drains

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