Powder and Liquid Applications

  • powder and liquid application equipment used in cheese manufacturing

The powder dispenser accurately applies powder through a continuous process. The operator manually dumps bags of product into the hopper. The powder is continuously discharged when a control command signal is enabled. For applications with varying powder requirements, a variable speed drive can be used to change the speed of the auger which will directly affect the amount of powder discharged. The machine can be ordered with a single-point end discharge or a continuous line discharge when wide area coverage is needed. To prevent powder bridging, a cluster breaker is powered by a separate motor. Pneumatic vibration on the exterior of the hopper aids in proper flow.

The spray system uses an atomization nozzle to give food products a continuous coating. The fluid is recirculated through the nozzle return line to allow viscosity to remain consistent and to prevent prod¬uct setup. Many different application rates and densities can be achieved by adjusting the liquid flow and pneumatic pressure.