Shred – Dice – Mill

The shredder uniformly produces several different types of cuts such as Oval, Crescent, Full Shred and V Shred, while the dicer produces a wide variety of strip cuts and dices. They can also be used to produce grated product from hard cheese. Customized to your needs, the shredder or dicer have the option of a Pedestal Stand that conveniently pivots the shredder in and out of the production line or a portable stand the moves the shredder in and out of the production line. Both options provide access for head inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. Each stand is custom designed to fit perfectly into the line around the collection conveyor. In-position safety interlock ensures the dicer only operates when in position.

  • Uniform production of shreds
  • Hygienic portable design
  • Locking plates for accurate placement
  • Perfect fit around collection conveyor